30 Januar 2017

New release ELMA 3.10: PostgreSQL, duplicate leads and other new capabilities

Today we are proud to announce the release of ELMA 3.10. As usual, we’ve been working hard to improve the system performance and fault tolerance and make it easier to support implemented solutions.
ELMA 3.10 offers the possibility of using the PostgreSQL database, which is one of the modern trends of enterprise systems. We’ve upgraded the ELMA web portal, improved the designer of business processes and the report editor. A large number of updates were made to the following applications: ELMA Projects+, ELMA CRM+, ELMA ECM+.
As always, you can find detailed information about ELMA 3.10 updates in our blog, but in the meantime, we offer you the top 5 new features.

New DBMS – PostgreSQL

Previous versions of ELMA support FireBird, Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL. With ELMA 3.10, it has become possible to use PostgreSQL. Already during the first stress test PostgreSQL has demonstrated good results, showing an excellent price /performance ratio.

Automatic check for duplicate leads in ELMA CRM+

Often, when working in ELMA, users can log twice the same lead or contractor, creating duplicates. Usually it happens by accident. Such information could be misleading and confusing, it complicates work of the system users.
In ELMA 3.10, when a user creates a new lead (logs information about a potential customer into the system), the program automatically checks for all possible matches and shows if there are duplicates.

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New feature of Projects+: Improved scheduling tools

Practice shows that not many projects are carried out in compliance with the first project schedule made at the first stage of the project planning. Perhaps the main responsibility of the project manager is to maneuver between all the project constraints, gather project information, and most importantly, to ensure that the project moves forward to the determined goal, in spite of all the delays. ELMA 3.10 allows users to create versions of the project plan, and specify planned, actual and projected timing of tasks execution.

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Approval by stages and other improvements in ELMA ECM+

ELMA allows modeling very flexible personalized routing processes that satisfy any company. The solutions is perfect for medium and large businesses which is characterized by complex and ramified document routes as well document approval by stages. Now users can configure the required steps of the document approval and specify performers in ELMA Designer or in the web application. There is no need to create multiple tasks and wait until several employees approve the document.
In addition, we have improved the generation of documents from the template and introduced the concept of external data sources in reports.

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Web Portal, video files preview, and customizable color themes of the system interface

It has become easier to customize and integrate the web portal of ELMA into the IT landscape of our customers. For simple import of new users, we have finalized some of the ELMA integration capabilities with the LDAP service (ActiveDirectory). The number of available licenses is displayed directly on the import page, imports and changes in real time.
Other convenient improvements are customization of the interface color theme and a possibility to preview media files in the browser.

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